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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Special K Challenge - Day 2 - Tuesday, November 10th

I wanted to do a little more explanation on the Special K Challenge today. Technically the challenge is to follow the diet for 2 weeks and drop a jean size. I’m planning on doing this for 6 weeks (minus Thanksgiving of course), but that doesn’t mean I think I am going to lose 3 jean sizes (honestly, I don’t think that would be very healthy for me anyway). I just need to tone up a bit and get back to my “fighting” weight, or so they say and hopefully get into some better eating habits. I was going a little overboard with the sugar...but really, I blame my mother’s side of the family. They have the sweet tooth, but honestly I can’t really only blame them, my grandfather on my dad’s side did eat ice cream every night. Well, I was cursed from both sides, not too mention the fact that when I was a baby my sister poured chocolate syrup all over my face. I have always said that she was trying to drown me in chocolate (not such a horrible way to go), but she claims that my parents made her a sundae and she thought I would want some too. Well all I have to say to that is, “What about the ice cream! Hello!”

OK, so now on to today’s efforts.

Day 2:

Breakfast - Red Berries Waffles w/ Lite Syrup and Strawberries and Herbal Tea Latte
AM Snack - Chocolatey Raspberry Drizzle Bliss Bars (This was ok, it ended up being crunchy which surprised me a little)
Lunch - Go Lean Crunch Bar (I have a few that I need to finish off before I buy the Special K Protein Meal Bars) and Grapes
PM Snack - Strawberry Cereal Bar (This was ok as well, not my favorite)
Dinner - We made turkey burgers (topped with guacamole) and baked fries. Always a favorite!

Work-Out: 20 minute jog with interval inclines (while watching Barefoot Contessa - one of my favorites especially since she has been adding in somewhat healthier meals)

Well, that’s it for today. Overall, a good day with good amount of self motivation. Instead of being hungry later in the evening, I was hungry at lunch. Weird since I had a bigger breakfast.

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Lindalou said...

I'm not a big fan of "bars". So good luck with this.

I love that Kim covered you in chocolate sauce. Pictures would be priceless.

And yes, you definetly get the sweet tooth from your Mom's side of the family.

I love Ina too!