MARCH 2011

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Years!

I realize I'm a little late on the New Years train, but better late than never! So...Happy New Years everyone! We have come up with a few resolutions for this year but we also realized that we actually started a good portion of them last year so it's more of just continuing on the path!

#1 - Stay healthy, eat right, get back into shape! Around Sept of 2010 I started to feel like I was going down a slippery slope with weight gain. We didn't eat horrible and we did workout - however, our portions were a little out of control and it was like 120 degrees outside so it was not conducive to good workouts. All of this led to some extra poundage. I decided that I wanted to lose 24 pounds by the time we moved from AZ. I also decided that I couldn't do this alone. As much as I love my husband, I have a hard time taking his advice when it comes to exercise. I don't know why, maybe it has something to do with the fact that I don't really want him to see that I am struggling with the issue so if he tries to help me than I get frustrated knowing that he knows! Women! I digress....So I sat down and started figuring out what I needed to be successful. I needed a meal plan that allowed me to still eat the foods that I love, like pizza, pasta, and chocolate, and teach me correct portions. I also need to incorporate more veggies and fruit. In order to be successful I would also need someone who would hold me accountable. All of these things led me to calling Jenny Craig. I never thought I would ever join a program like that..I'm not overweight and I can lose the weight on my own, right? Well, I probably could, but it might not have been in the most healthy way and I might not have learned as much. Joining Jenny Craig has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Besides the fact that I've lost 14 pounds in 15 weeks, I have a whole new attitude towards everything. I don't allow myself to get down about little things anymore and I've learned so much about the proper way to eat! So, in short...this resolution is almost complete!!

#2 - Stay positive. As I said above my attitude has done a 180, so the goal here is to continue on that path. It's a tough road for us at the moment because we feel like we are in limbo a little bit, but we keep remembering that everything will work out wherever we end up as long as we are together!! All you need is love!

#3 - Keep in touch. I think that this is something I say every year, but I'm going to really try to have a concerted effort towards keeping in touch with friends and family.

#4 - Save money! We are very good about not spending money unnecessarily, but this year we'd like to be able to start actually saving money again. Once we get to where we are going and we both have jobs, the savings account will hopefully start growing again and the student loans will hopefully start shrinking!

#5 - Finalize my career plans. For a while now I've been pretty set on going back to school and getting a degree in accounting. That is still the plan, but this year I hope to start getting the ball rolling so I can start school as soon as I gain in-state residency - wherever that may be :)