MARCH 2011

Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 11 - Thursday, November 19th

Why is it that it seems to get more and more difficult to plan meals as the week goes on? We plan all of our meals over the weekend and do our grocery shopping and put the meat that will be used later in the week in the freezer. Well, whenever Thursday rolls around we have inevitably forgotten to defrost the meat or we didn't give it enough time. Why am I rambling on about this? Well, it happened to us again on Thursday. We ended up getting Quizno's, which is good, but man a turkey burger sure would have been better!!

However, I did get some awesome knee-high boots on sale at Naturalizer! Which totally made up for the dinner mess up!

Day 11:

Breakfast - Cereal + Tea
AM Snack - Bliss Bar
Lunch - Protein Meal Bar + Grapes
PM Snack - Protein Snack Bar
DInner - Quizno's

Workout - Off day!


Lindalou said...

OK, now you need to search the web and find us a picture of your boots and put the link in your blog. That way we can really share in the fun.

KellyS said...

Ha! I know! I was just being totally lazy! Updated blog on the way!