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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Day 13 - Saturday, November 21st

Where did the day go!! Saturday went by pretty fast, maybe it is because I slept in really late, but whatever. We went to a Phoenix Coyotes game. It was kind of sad because the arena was so empty which made it very apparent why they are going bankrupt. However, they did win, 3 - 1 against the Philadelphia Flyers. It was fun anyway, but not as much fun as the Red WIngs vs Stars game that I went to with my good ol' Dad many years ago. Go Wings!

Day 13:

Breakfast - Cereal
AM Snack - No snack cause I woke up too late
Lunch - Protein meal bar + honeydew (once again, it was actually cantaloupe)
PM Snack - Protein Snack Bar
Dinner - Half a big pretzel, some popcorn and cereal

Workout - 40 minute cardio

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kimberbee said...

We went to a hockey game last week in Cedar Park. The Ice Bats are no more but we now have the Texas Stars which is one step below the Dallas Stars. Cedar Park built this gorgeous facility and it was really fun even though they lost in overtime. Love ya!