MARCH 2011

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 4 - Thursday, November 12th

Yay! It’s Thursday which means that tomorrow is Friday!! Today was a really good day. I watched this really amazing documentary called War Dance which is about 3 children in Northern Uganda. The documentary follows their journey to the Ugandan National Championship of Song and Dance. Absolutely incredible and so touching. These children are beautiful, strong and so courageous. Their story makes any of our “challenges” seem pretty easy to handle. Even though their story is sad at times, in the end it is a beautiful story about life, family and friends. If you would like to learn more about it go to Shine Global.

Day 4 of my Special K Challenge:

Breakfast: Chocolaty Delight Cereal + Chai Tea Latte
AM Snack: Chocolaty Dipped Raspberry Bliss Bar
Lunch: Go lean Crunch Protein Bar
PM Snack: Strawberry Cereal Bar
Dinner: 3 Cheese Wheat Ravioli with Chunky Vegetable Marinara Sauce + one slice of garlic toast

Workout: Off day! Yay!

Today was a day that proves that Life is the journey, not the destination. Be happy with yourself and who you are and enjoy the ride!

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Lindalou said...

Sounds like a very good documentary.

Again...couldn't do this challenge you are on. I'm impressed with your drive. Good luck.