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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day 6 - Saturday, November 14th

Today we went on a hike at Pinnacle Peak Park. First of all, I never thought it would be so hard to find a state park! Our GPS couldn't find it and they really didn't have that many signs out there for it, however we eventually got there. The hike was nice, it was a 1.75 mile out and 1.75 mile in hike. There was a good variety of ups and downs, however the stairs were a killer! It was very interesting to see how different this hike was compared to hikes in Hawaii. Obviously the scenery was different, this hike overlooked Troon Golf Course in Scottsdale and all of the crazy huge houses surrounding the course. But the people on the hike were very different as well. The majority were there strictly for the exercise, which is always nice on a hike, but not so much for the scenery or just for the joy of being outdoors. Overall, it was really great exercise.

Day 6:
Breakfast - Red Berries Waffles + Chai Tea Latte
AM Snack - Raspberry Bliss Bar
Lunch - Protein Bar
PM Snack - Italian Tomato and Herb Crackers
Dinner - Yummy cheeseburger and fries

Workout - Hike!

Sunday is a day off, so I will be running around doing errands and the usual Sunday chores!

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