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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Treats

Last night Z and I made some Halloween brownie bites! They were delicious. I copied the recipe from Bakerella's blog for Spider bites. Well, instead of spiders we went simple and just decorated with Halloween sprinkles. Bakerella also made her brownies from scratch, but I decided to just use a boxed brownie....Duncan Hines Dark Chocolate Fudge brownies to be exact.

Then we used some semi-sweet bakers chocolate to dip them in. Z had the job of adding the sprinkles. Didn't he do a great job!! Not only is Z a cutie, but these brownie bites are pretty darn cute too!

These are so super simple and very versatile, they are perfect for every occasion! Check out all of Bakerella's ideas, she is a genius. Here is the link to Bakerella's version.
Happy Late Halloween!


Lindalou said...

Nice job you two. These look great. Doesn't Bakerella post some of the funniest little desserts.

kimberbee said...

They look yummy! Wish I oould try one!