MARCH 2011

Monday, July 27, 2009


Arizona is crazy hot.  When my husband, lets just call him Z, and I decided to move here we knew it was going to be hot, but we did not expect this.  We moved from Texas to Hawaii to Arizona and somehow while we were in Hawaii we forgot what 115 degree temperatures felt like.  People also lied to us when they said that it would be a dry heat. Ha! It doesn't matter if there is humidity or not when it's above 100 degrees people!!! It gets so hot here sometimes that we can't even go to the pool because the water burns you! The good news is that I'm sweating my butt off! Who needs exercise when you can just lie there on your micro-suede couch and sweat it off!! 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love the Public Library!

My husband and I recently reintroduced ourselves to the public library. I remember during the summers when I was little my mom would take my sister and me to the library every week so that we could load up on books. That was the greatest, I loved that about summer time. I guess as we got older we forgot about the simple things and felt that we had to own things to show some kind of status or something. Well, we are done with that and we are now going back to the library! It's still really great, however it has become self service checkout, so I do miss going to the librarian and having her stamp your card. I loved the stamp and I loved seeing when the book had been checked out last or by whom. Besides that though it is still the same old lovable library. There are still all those wonderful books waiting for you to open them and start exploring.

Turkey Galore

Since my husband and I were apart for Thanksgiving and well, we just had a hankering for some turkey and mashed potatoes, we decided to have a mini-Thanksgiving last weekend.  We roasted up a turkey breast, made some garlic mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.  Not exactly traditional, but it worked for a July Thanksgiving.  All of the leftover turkey made me think what a great idea this was.  You could get a whole turkey or whole chicken and make tacos, salads, pizza toppings, and we are even making empanadas from everyday ingredients, turkey and frozen pie crust. Anyway, it's so easy, so delicious, and so budget friendly! What's not to love!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Top 3 Blog Topics

For anyone out there who might actually start reading my blog, you will find that there are 3 main topics that I will probably talk about. The first being FOOD! Who doesn't love food. My husband and I love to cook and to eat.  We are even thinking about stealing the idea from the movie Julie & Julia, but with  Betty Crocker. I think we are going to start off slow with just one recipe a week, but more on that project later.  

The second topic is my ever elusive search for a job.  It's my 56th day of searching and have probably applied to about 200 jobs with only 2 calls.  It's very frustrating, but I keep trying to remind myself that the economy is really bad and there are probably about 100 people applying for the same job. It would just be nice if they would give me a chance to explain why a former Naval Officer wants to be an Administrative Assistant and what a damn good job I would do! Anyway, I digress.

And the third topic is all about random stuff! Yay random stuff! Enjoy!

Green Tea Chai Latte

Back when I had a job and some money to spend I was enjoying Starbuck's tea lattes.  I was going back and forth between Green Tea Latte and Chai Tea Latte. They were delicious but I kept thinking how good they would taste if they were combined - a Green Tea Chai Latte.  I also could have sworn that Starbucks used to sell these. So, just to make sure I wasn't completely crazy I went in and asked a barista if they used to sell these. Well, the lovely barista said that she didn't think they did and wasn't sure they would even taste good together.  I, somewhat sadly, just shrugged my shoulders, left enjoying my Green Tea Latte, and kept thinking they would taste great.  Well, I go to the grocery store and what do I find? Yep, Green Tea Chai Latte!! And yes ladies and gentleman, it is delicious!! It is really great in the morning with some toast and a cup of fruit. What a great way to start the day!