MARCH 2011

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


There are two meals that I just absolutely love! I've made them both the last two nights. One is a simple chicken salad with whatever you have in your fridge but it has to have Honey Mustard and Cheddar cheese. The other is Cheese tortellini in mixed pasta (spinach, wheat, etc) with pesto and some parmesan. Both are super easy and delicious. Now what's weird about it is that I started loving these while I was on deployment in Iraq. I pretty much had the salad every day (of course the chicken was usually fried - hey, I didn't have a lot of options people) and the pasta was a go to when there wasn't any chicken or anything else.

Anyway, random post, I know, but I just had to say that I LOVE these meals. So yummy, but they always make me think about deployment and the Navy.

That is all. Kelly out.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

In case you were wondering...

...I did run again on Thursday, but this time it was only 98 degrees! It was still pretty sucky, but slept like a baby!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Running when it's 100 degrees outside...

I get bored with the gym and running on a treadmill very easily, so I decided that despite the crazy temperatures out there I'm just going to suck it up and run outside. Here is the progression of my workout and post workout:

1/10 of a mile - It's hot, but I can do it

3/10 of a mile - I should probably find a route thats not by asphalt

4/10 of a mile - I think the asphalt is melting

5/10 of a mile - Is my skin melting?!!

8/10 of a mile - Pick up the right leg, now the left, now the right...

1 mile - ....

2 hours later - water has never tasted better

5 hours later - yummy water - I have to pee

5.5 hours later - I have to pee again

6 hours later - ugh, I'm exhausted

7 hours later - hmm, my skin looks fantastic - Vitamin D and workout glow is amazing!

8 hours later - s-o t-i-r-e-d

8.5 hours later - drink more water so I can do it all again tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Awesome Handwriting Tool

I found this great website from another blog that I read called Benign Objects, that allows you to capture your handwriting and type handwritten letters! Isn't that amazing! All you have to do is print out the template from the site, fill it in, scan it or capture it via webcam or digital camera, then it will allow you to save it as your handwriting and start sending e-mails! Go here to learn more!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My New Favorite Necklace

I made this necklace for my lovely cousin whom has a great blog - Mush Push - and she posted a link to my Etsy shop to help me promote my necklaces. So, I made this necklace for her which is my new favorite one:

I was holding off posting about it because I wanted to make sure that she received it before I put the pictures up!! I might have to make another one for myself!