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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dream Home - Laundry/Mud Room

In my perfect Dream Home there is the entrance that goes into a hallway with a half bath and leads into the great room/dining/kitchen area. From the kitchen/dining room side a hallway leads to the garage (in the front) and then in the back is the laundry room/utility room. There is also an office on this side but that'll be featured next.

In my true Dream Home I would have a nice huge laundry room complete with a mud-room (instead of the craft area seen in this photo) similar to this from My Home Ideas: the real world, I'll be lucky to just get a small closet with room for a washer/dryer and maybe some cabinets.

Either way, the laundry room will be solely my domain since the Hubby doesn't always pick the right settings so I get very nervous. Because of this I want to decorate with one of my favorite colors - PINK!

I adore this wallpaper from York Wallcoverings:

As for decor, these fashion prints from Chad Barrett would be fun:

As for the washer and dryer - I would like glossy white or a platinum color - of course an energy star appliance as well. Any cabinetry would be white with these very girly knobs from Restoration Hardware:

For the Mud Room side I would like something like this set up from - of course - Pottery Barn:

And for the piece de resistance - a chandelier for the lighting! I know its so over the top for a laundry room, but hey, why not! I would definitely try to find something cheap at a flea market or something and spray paint it white - or maybe even black! That would be fun! The look I have in mind though is similar to this chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids:

The Office is up next and then moving on to the bedrooms!! Yay!

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Lindalou said...

You sure dream good girl. Love the laundry/craft room. Hopefully I'll have that someday soon.

Love the prints!