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Monday, August 9, 2010

My Dream Home: The Entryway

Welcome to the first installment of My Dream Home Design:

We are going to start the tour in the entryway. Obviously it's a little difficult to provide specifics since I have no idea what the layout is actually going to look like. Throughout my dreaming process I have basically had two visions. One is my actual dream house - one that we build from scratch and I get to include everything I really want. The second is a more realistic house. So, I will start with explaining the layout of my dream house but I will highlight items that no matter what the real room looks like are must haves.

The Entryway:

My dream house starts with a beautiful Koa wood door with thin tempered glass panels on the sides, with of course, a pineapple knocker which is the universal symbol of "Welcome."

As you open the door, you enter into a circular vestibule style entry that opens up into a hallway which leads to the great room. Approximately a space that is similar to this (without the stairs):

I would love to have that star design in the flooring. It's like the North Star leading you home!

Speaking of flooring, I would love to have Tiger wood or Koa wood floors throughout the whole house. Yes, I realize its expensive, but we are talking about my dream house here!

Assuming that the entryway is a somewhat separate vestibule type area, I would like to paint it in very thick (12-18in) horizontal stripes in a cream color and a milky aqua color. Similar to these Valspar colors:

The white color is called Honeymilk and it is actually much more white than what that picture shows. Here is a picture of it from Young House Love (It's the lighter shade):

For lighting, I found this awesome photo at My Home Ideas:

I must have that chandelier no matter what!! After some google searching I finally found it at Marjorie Skouras Design.

I must also have a small chest that has some kind of drawers or doors. Something similar to this chest from Pottery barn would be perfect:

I must have something like this because when I grew up we had a small chest with a door on it in our entryway. For some reason I felt that it was this magical little hiding place. I firmly believed as a child that it held many secrets. It also was what I thought to be a perfect hiding place for my special little trinkets. So, I would like to have something that my children can use to hide their trinkets as well. On top though, I would place some fresh flowers and maybe some candles or something. On the wall above the cabinet, I would place this awesome sea shell mirror from Pottery Barn:

Those are the basics of my dream home entryway. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Here is the look all pulled together:

Next week - the half bath! Get excited!

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Lindalou said...

What fun! I love the strip idea and the chest with all the drawers. Not so sure on the light fixture, but I am a lot older than you.

I love the idea of a pineapple door knocker. Great way to share your Hawaii side.

KellyS said...

I know the chandelier is pretty bold, but I'm so in love with it!

Natasha said...

Your ideas are divine! I love that shell mirror.

Best wishes,

Fleur de Bee said...

That Chandelier IS amazing! I carry it as one of my lines to my Interior Design services. I also MADE one! Perhaps I will share how so your dream entryway CAN be a on a budget :)


Faith Like Potatoes said...

love love love the chandelier!!!!!!!!!!!!

KellyS said...

Fleur de Bee - Please post about how to make the chandelier! That would be amazing!

Thanks everyone for the encouragement!