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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dream Home - Kitchen/Dining

Planning your Dream Home kitchen is a tough task and virtually impossible to cover everything, so the following inspiration board gives you the general idea and decor but not all the exact details.


The layout that I imagine is the living area of the great room opens up to the dining area which is right next to the kitchen (similar to the middle Home Idea room). I know a lot of people think that a formal dining room is necessary but if I had to give up a room, that would be the one. I'd rather have a nice big dining table with comfy chairs and bench close to the kitchen so you can actually enjoy your guests company as you cook! That's half the fun!!

For the Kitchen and Dining room I would like the sea blue to take over. I pretty much love everything about the My Home Idea Kitchen at the top left. Those blue cabinets are perfect!! The only thing that I would possibly change is instead of the silver accents it would be bronze/copper. I just love the copper look, but the silver also looks awesome. For the counters, in a perfect world, I would go with the Perla di Sabbia Granite countertop from Granite Transformations and a dark wood butcher block for the island.

I also like the open shelving and cream walls. Speaking of walls - I kind of image the board and batten from the living area with a darker khaki color on top to continue through the dining room and then end once it meets the kitchen and turn in to a shade or two lighter cream but all in the same color realm.

You are probably wondering - "Roosters? Roosters in Hawaii?!" Well, I've always loved the idea of having a rooster decor in my kitchen - not going over board or anything. Two reasons why they will work in this dream home are: 1) it'll tie in the coral color from the living area and 2) if you've ever been to Kauai - well, you know that there are a crap load of chickens and roosters walking around all over the place!!

We already have some good dishes, but there are some that will probably go including our purple, red, and vegetable design bowls. We will keep the cream plates as well as our putty colored plates. I also found some great rooster bowls and mugs at...wait for it....TJ Maxx of all places!! I know we shouldn't have bought anything that we have to move, but I couldn't resist! I think all of these would be perfect with the shiny blue set and a few more cream and sea creature plates shown above..I think they are all from Pottery Barn.

I went ahead and decided to include the dining room in here as well since it is kind of the same room. I LOVE the rustic wood table from Pottery Barn (yes, if I could live in a Pottery Barn catalog, I would!). One side would be a bench and the other I think would be something like these slip covered chairs:

The blue stripes would be fun but I'd have to see if it is maybe too much, otherwise I would go with the cream ones...and yes, I would stain guard them first!!

Lastly, the lighting. I love the pendant lights above the kitchen island and I must have the gorgeous capiz shell rectangular chandelier from West Elm. Isn't it perfect with that table!

What do you guys think? Will it all go with the rest of the house?

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