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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dream Home - Guest Room Suite

Now we are getting into the really fun rooms to decorate - the Bedrooms!! In my dream home I would have a guest suite as part of the main house AND a whole separate guest quarters - like a mother-in-law suite. That will come later, for now, here is my guest suite:

Dream Home - Guest Room

The hubby's favorite color is yellow and I'm loving the yellow and grey combo so I thought this would be fun to have in this type of room. Tying in the touches of turquoise found throughout the rest of the house, I added the tide pillow and a few other accents:

A small turquoise cake stand for jewelry or wallets or pocket lint:

An alternative lamp option is this turquoise coral lamp, but I do LOVE the mercury lamp in the collage:

This fun tray would be nice to have some bottled water and some snacks for guests while bringing a bit of turquoise cheer:

And lastly, a little bluebird for happiness:

Going back to the main color of the room, yellow! I love the seahorse pillow but I was thinking I could paint something similar on some white canvas and voila we have easy and pretty cheap wall art. I think I would stick with a white wall color and white ceiling fan as well.

Here is the guest bathroom:

Guest Room Bath

I love the yellow sliding barn door! How awesome is that! The bathroom would bring out more of the grey color - with a similar grey color on the walls as the barn door picture. I don't imagine the bathroom to be huge or anything, just a simple pedestal sink, white medicine cabinet, shower with the great yellow and grey splash shower curtain and of course a toilet - obviously.

I really like the simplicity of these fixtures from Restoration Hardware:

For lighting, I like the matching sconces with a bright white lamp shade:

I do love the chandelier in the collage, but I also kind of love this one as well:

And who can resist some pretty fan coral on a black and grey background to keep the beachy theme going!

I'm really excited about this suite because I think our guests would be very comfortable and its just a little bit different from the rest of house, so it's a true get-away! What do you think? How do you feel about the resurgence of grey? I think it's pretty great - in moderation.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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