MARCH 2011

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Running when it's 100 degrees outside...

I get bored with the gym and running on a treadmill very easily, so I decided that despite the crazy temperatures out there I'm just going to suck it up and run outside. Here is the progression of my workout and post workout:

1/10 of a mile - It's hot, but I can do it

3/10 of a mile - I should probably find a route thats not by asphalt

4/10 of a mile - I think the asphalt is melting

5/10 of a mile - Is my skin melting?!!

8/10 of a mile - Pick up the right leg, now the left, now the right...

1 mile - ....

2 hours later - water has never tasted better

5 hours later - yummy water - I have to pee

5.5 hours later - I have to pee again

6 hours later - ugh, I'm exhausted

7 hours later - hmm, my skin looks fantastic - Vitamin D and workout glow is amazing!

8 hours later - s-o t-i-r-e-d

8.5 hours later - drink more water so I can do it all again tomorrow!


Lindalou said...

Yuck. Can't think of anything I'd rather not do then run.

KellyS said...

Ha! Me too, unfortunately its the only effective way for me to lose weight/keep weight off!

kimberbee said...

Please don't kill yourself in that RIDICULOUS heat!

kimberbee said...
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