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Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST - A Love - Hate Relationship

Last night was the LOST finale - like you didn't know! Ha. Anyway, it was so bittersweet. As usual they left it open to interpretation and questions still unanswered, but in the end, the characters have moved on and I guess it's time we do to. We were both a little sad afterwards, feeling upset that the suspense each week that we held for Lost is gone. We've been watching LOST for the last 4 years - yes we came to the program a little late, but thanks to our friend Colin we got caught up quickly. LOST has been with us through it all, marriage, deployment - yes, I did download the 5th season of LOST while I was in Iraq and yes it did take 36 hours per episode, moving to Arizona, losing jobs, and finding jobs. I love these characters and I loved seeing Hawaii every week. I will mss them but I really hope they don't try to take it any further with a movie or a spin-off. It won't be the same and I refuse to watch it unless all of the same cast are involved!!

I'm sure that the ending of LOST will be debated forever, but what's nice about it is that you can make it mean whatever you want. Personally, I think the island life was real and at some point they all died, and once they finally realized they died and remembered all of the people that mattered the most they found peace and redeemed themselves.

Loved it! and I will miss my Tuesday night Lost!

On the other hand....part of me hated it. While the finale answered a lot of questions posed in the final season concerning the Flash-sideways as the "afterlife" but what about the Island. Where is it, what is it? What is the light? How did the Man in black become the smoke monster exactly - I assume its the electric event combined with his magic powers, but why does he have magic powers? Who and where did the original protectors come from? If the flash-sideways was the afterlife and the Island was real, why is Michael destined to be one of the "whisperers" of the island?

As you can tell, so many questions remained unanswered. Yes, the characters' story is over and explained, but the Sci-Fi part of the show was far from resolved.

Hated it ...but I will still miss my Tuesday night Lost!


Lindalou said...

I haven't watched in about three years. The insanity of it finally wore me out. I still believe it had the best opening sequence (first show) ever for a brand new program.

Some day you and Rick will have to chat about this. He is a big fan as well and watched the full finale.

KellyS said...

Oh my gosh! We are so addicted and having withdrawals already! There were some crappy seasons but overall it was wonderful!

Lindalou said...

I really hate that we all don't live closer. All you kids would get along so great.

KellyS said...

I know!! I've always felt we kind of missed out on being closer with family, but hopefully as adults we can work on that. Hopefully Zoli and I will be able to get up to Michigan someday soon!