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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Days 19 - 23 and The Grand Canyon!

I know that I have been a little lax lately - ok, a lot lax - about posting the last few days, but you know how it goes when you are traveling and you have family in town. Believe it or not I actually kept up with my diet throughout this time. The only thing that was difficult was the work outs - driving a few hours everyday wasn't very conducive to the gym. But, the good news is that we picked it back up on Tuesday with a good 30 minute jog and upper body strength training.

Now, on to the important stuff - our road trip!!

On Friday, we drove up to Flagstaff. We visited the Riordan Mansion, which was beautiful. It is a log cabin home that was built and occupied by the Riordan family, whom basically put Flagstaff on the map with their lumber company. The house is 13,000 square feet and was occupied by 2 Riordan brothers who married 2 sisters. Each family occupied separate sides of the house which were connected by a large gathering room (you can kind of see it from this picture).

We couldn't take any pictures of the inside, but it was beautiful. It was an amazing example of the Arts and Crafts movement of bringing the outside in. Trust me on this one!

On Saturday, we drove up to the Grand Canyon. The North Rim was already closed for the season (and it was an extra 5 hour drive) so we just stuck with the South Rim. What can I say about the Grand Canyon besides...




And cold! I look like a marshmallow all bundled up in my layers!

Towards the end of the day it started snowing! It was very light and melted immediately, until we woke up the next morning to this....

It was so beautiful and exciting. You have to remember that we are from Texas and we have spent the last 4 years in Hawaii, so yes, snow is very very exciting!

Flagstaff is such a quaint little town and it just looks right when there is snow all over the place!

It was all light and fluffy and perfect for making snowballs - unfortunately I don’t have any pictures to show you our snowball fight - well, ok, I was the only one throwing them at Z. He is a very polite gentleman that didn’t throw them back at me. Ha - I win!

And last, but not least, I leave you today with this amazing wall mural...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Lindalou said...

Great pictures. Sounds like a fun trip. You must have missed snow for all those years. We actually haven't had any yet. Although they have started to mumble the word a bit on the local weather.

I love that you "look like a marshmellow".

kimberbee said...

Great pics sissy! The snow is beautiful! Evan and I went to Flagstaff a couple of years ago when we went to Vegas. We stayed a weekend and thought it was a really neat place.

There's a 70% chance of snow HERE on Friday. Can you believe it??? I won't until it happens.

Love ya!